There's more to the story than just the problem.

Ever get tired of reading about the problem? 

We did too. So you can imagine our happiness when we found out that that there was a whole world of news that was focused on solutions and positivity. At Happinewss*, we wish to take you through this relatively uncharted territory and bring a smile to your face in the process using our weekly newsletters. To receive them, click here.

We align with the values of the Solutions Journalism Network to tell you more about the responses to the issues that you see around you all day, every day.

*And Happinewss is just Happiness spelt with a 'w'. The 'w' stands for wonderful, wholesome and worth your time.


The Solutions Journalism Network is an organisation working towards highlighting the response to the problem. The Network consists of journalists, educators and readers who are interested in covering more than just the problem and facilitating the the creation of more solutions along the way. At Happinewss, we wish to take forward this philosophy and find our way into the hearts and minds of readers. 

Visit their website here.

What do I get by signing up for your newsletter?

With a free subscription to Happinewss, you get access to a weekly newsletter containing:

a) a feature article about a response to a social problem, 


b) an article to put a smile on your face and

c) a section called Wholesome Headlines which suggests more ways to brighten up your day. 

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